Power a motor with another motor home experiment 1989

Another experiment that I did while I was in Middle school was, trying to power a motor with another motor and light bulb. The idea was jump start a motor belt to another motor that can generate power back to the other motor power it and with extra power to light up a light bulb, well I did this because I was stubborn to understand “you cannot get free lunch” in this case, basically you cannot produce more energy from another source of energy, well I did the experiment anyway. Continue reading “Power a motor with another motor home experiment 1989”

Came to the USA 1987

I arrived in the USA  late 1987. Live with my biological father and uncle family, small house, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, with a dozen people. Everything was new to me, crowded house but very happy lots of fun.


Married to Huyen Pham, mixed north and south Vietnamese girl from a hard working family, smart, sharp, traditional, organized, cleaned, but sometime have a temper tendency to yell and talk very lound “bossy”, know everything kind of girl.

Applied Materials Inc.

I work for this company as a temp back in late 1996, then became full time mid 1997. I was a warehouse person, then moved to projects, work in a cubical, then moved up to be an Analyst, then moved up again System Analyst.