Family Tree

I have moved to

Ong Noi and Ba Noi (khong biet ten)

10th son (Tran Van Quy – biological father) and Lam Thi Dao – biological mother (divorced)

Tran Quoc Thong (me)
Married Huyen Pham (wife)
      • Dahlia Tran (1st daughter)
      • Nyla Tran (2nd daughter)
Tran Thi Xuan Mai (sister)
  1. Nhi-Elaine Tran (niece)
  2. Hoai-Huong Nguyen (niece)

Tran Quoc Dat (deceased younger brother in Vietnam)

Tran Quoc Thai (younger brother)

Mom – Lam Thi Dao married Truong Phuoc Luan (step father)

Truong Phuoc Dat-Danniel (step brother)

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