The first time that I visited Canada was when dating my wife. We explored Niagara Falls and 2-3 hour drive to visit wife’s friend. I drove from Pennsylvania, the drive took probably 10 hours or so I don’t remember, we stopped by many scenic views and rest stop.

Niagara Falls Canada
Niagara Falls Canada

The first hotel that we spent the night was a cheap hotel and I can’t seems to remember the name but it’s actually in US side of the border, we were tired, had some dinner locally and will explore further the next day.

Colorado Grand Canyon

During the course of my first job at Resound company in Redwood City, CA. I became friend to a few people and eventually to their whole family, we used to take trips locally and dining out once in a while but locally in the bay area.

Malaysia Sungai Besi 1986

I could have the year wrong on this one also, but probably late 1985 or beginning of 1986, we’ve arrived at the first refugee camp in Malaysia, it is in the city of Sungai Besi. We didn’t stay here long, just a couple weeks I think then we were relocated to an Island name Pulau Bidong

Vietnam to Malaysia 1986

I might be wrong on the year, but it’s probably late 1985 where I began my voyage left Vietnam to seek better life. I left with my dad leaving sister and younger brother at home with mom, grandma and grandpa. It was a family plan from 13 people, 1/2 kids, 1/2 adult, 3 woman. It seems like each family a father would go with a son and leave behind their wife and other kids. The boat wasn’t big at all, it was a fishing boat. Took us 9 days 8 nights floating in the sea waiting for rescue from anyone at sea.