USPS 2012 Postal Holidays

2012 Postal Holidays

• Monday, January 2 – New Year’s Day (observed)
• Monday, January 16 – Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday (observed)
• Monday, February 20 – Washington’s birthday (President’s Day)
• Monday, May 28 – Memorial Day
• Wednesday, July 4 – Independence Day
• Monday, September 3 – Labor Day
• Monday, October 8 – Columbus Day
• Monday, November 12 – Veterans’ Day (observed)
• Thursday, November 22 – Thanksgiving Day
• Tuesday, December 25 – Christmas Day

Megaupload totally dead out of business many other files sharing closed or disable download from USA

Many people using especially the one who’s paying life time membership probably feel pretty upset, since has been shut permanently, and if you tried to download from similar sites, you would notice that they either closed down or allow only private upload and download, meaning either it’s your storage your own files not publicly share. Some site totally shut down, other site does not allow countries like US users to download. Continue reading “Megaupload totally dead out of business many other files sharing closed or disable download from USA”

Recipient Cell phone rings or silent when you place a call definition

Ever wonder what its mean when you call your girl friend or boy friend or whoever cell phones and it rings or doesn’t rings at all then go voice mail or it beep after every ring? Well here are what to expect and you can also validate by using another cell phone to call or land line to call your phone and check.

The “company working on the lines” should be a tip-off of a lie, but that’s not really the question here – from my observations, the following holds true:
0-1 ring > voicemail = out of area (no signal) or phone is off.
1-4 rings > voicemail = ingnored
4+ rings > voicemail = call not answered – this can vary based on how he has his rings to voicemail set up, but the default is usually 4.
What I would personally do is contact his cell provider and ask them. The tech support personnel should know.

Also you can break into a phone conversation, simply by call the phone company and tell them it’s an emergency and you need to break into the line to interrupt their conversation, now this work for a land line not sure about cell phone though, I’m pretty sure it work the same.

Buy mail in Rebates and sell for profit

Well, let see I’ve testing a new way to make a few bucks per day, and look like it’s working. The process is quite simple. Buy items that have big rebate, and big seller on ebay. Let say I buy a video card that cost $40, but rebate is $20, so if sold a that video card on ebay for $40, that $40 will will paid off the cost, then I pocket $20. However ebay and and paypal charge some money, first the insertion fee for buy it now $0.50, then shipping about $5, then selling fee about $3, then paypal take another fee $2, so look like $5 + $3 + $2 = $10 fee total minus the $20 pocket, you really pocket $10. Now if we look at this on tax side, and let say you’re a legitimate business owner and you buy and sell items daily and it doesn’t matter on ebay or craigslist wherever, you can use program like quick book to calculate tax. For instant. I you spent $40, sold for $40, you profit $0, so you don’t have to pay tax, tax is base on profit made, so if you buy $40, and sold for $30, you loose $10, and you can claim $10 loss profit, now if you sold $45 now you make $5 profit, this $5 dollar will taxable need to be reported to the IRS.

The bright side on this is, you’re working from home, in front of your computer, being your own boss and set the amount of money you’re willing to make.  You’re not driving anywhere or go anywhere, shipping you can use usps for small packages, UPS if you have heavy items, most these companies send you free shipping supplies and if you ship large volume they will even send a consultant to your home and give you rates.

The bad side on this is, let say you get rebate $20, and it’s by prepaid credit card, for some reason they no longer send you a check, however some place still do, they give you option where you want check or prepaid card. So if you get a prepaid credit card, probably first thing to do is check to see if you can get a check instead by calling the # in the back of the card or email them, then you can deposit the check in the bank. Now let say you only have the prepaid card, there many things you can do with it.

  1. Buy groceries or stuff with it where credit card are accepted however it’s only up the amount of the prepaid card, some retailers or merchant service allow multiple credit card, then you’re in luck.
  2. Buy other rebate items so you can make more money
  3. If you have existing paypal account, create a new paypal account and use your prepaid card to pay yourself such as donation or small service where fee is low.
  4. Buy gas
  5. Sell it on craigslist ebay etc ..
  6. Exchange it with your family members or friends for cash where your friends family can use it to buy gas instead of pay cash and so on …


In conclusion, you’re not going to get rich, but if you look at it this way, let say you pocket $10 a day, and keep it consistent for the whole year, $10 x 365 = $3,650 cash pocket that you’re making, with little time per day for 1 item, now let take 1 item and ask yourself can you do it for 10 items or 100 items? if you can say yes, that’s $3,650 x 10 or x 100, you do the math 🙂

A few things to keep in mind when doing rebate is ensure you don’t double rebate, look at the offer #, keep track of your rebate, give it 10weeks before checking status.