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Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, if you don’t like what I’m writing feel free to comments and feedback, and if you can’t stand it, then please leave my blog and never come back here again, but I welcome you back 🙂 I don’t consider myself smart, educated or anything like that. I’m a hard working person work hard and pay taxes and enjoy life, and I writes short blog.

This blog is about me, my life, events in the past and present. The exact dates might not be 100% accurate, but it’s within plus minus a year. Some pictures or images might does not belong to me but it pertain to the events during that time period. Feel free to comments or if you have any questions to any post, just leave a reply, I will get back to you soon.

If you’re my friend and have pictures or images to support to my blog, please send it to me, thank you.

Written in year 2010, some events might not have so much detail. Written without any grammar check or proof read, although I took all the advance English college prep in high school, but I flung English 2 and had to take night school to pass it, and the other English 1, 3, and 4 I passed barely maybe by luck all C- and D. I still struggle with writings, hopefully in the future I can turn this autobiography about me into a book, have it proof read and revise and publish it. I think I have an interesting life events some people would be interested in reading. Everyone have interesting life events happening, some would keep it as a secret some people posted on facebook and other sites, for me I rather have my own site.

Thong Tran, born in South Vietnam – Ap Tan Huong – Xa Tan Thoi – Huyen Go Cong Tay – Tinh Tien Giang, born in 1976 July 9th at 10PM. Malaysia Vietnamese refugee camp Sungai Besi and Pula Bi-dong from 1985-1986, Bataan Palawan refugee camp in 1987, came to USA in 1987 San Jose – CA, moved to Hayward CA 1998, moved to Benicia – Vallejo – CA 2000, moved to Pennsylvania 2006. Attended “franklin mckinley school” middle school San Jose – CA 1987-1989, “sylvandale middle school san jose, ca” 1989 to 1991, Andrew Hill high school San Jose CA 1991 – 1992, Yerba Buena San Jose -CA 1992-1993, Independent High School San Jose CA 1993 to 1995 graduated high school diploma, DeAnza Foot Hill college 1996, University of Phoenix online 1999. Work at Dai Co Viet San Jose – CA 1993-1995, Resound Corporation 1996 Redwood City CA, Applied Materials Milpitas Santa Clara 1997 to present. Biological father Tran Van Quy, mother Lam Thi Dao, brother Tran Quoc Thai, deceased brother Tran Quoc Dat (died as an infant), sister Tran Thi Xuan-Mai, step brother Truong Phuoc Dat-Danniel, step father Truong Phuoc Luan. Wife Pham Mong Huyen, daughter Tran Kha Doanh-Dahlia and Nyla Tran.

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