Compaq nc6400 laptop with random freeze display strange shape

how to fix random freeze display booting laptop nc6400

how to fix random freeze display booting laptop nc6400

Well, I bought a laptop from ebay auction months ago, for less than $70, it’s a duo core, compaq also known as HP nc6400, it was listed as it is broken missing power adapter, no battery, no hard drive, but it did turn on and goes into bios but has problem displaying, but I bid for it anyways and won. So it’s been sitting for a while til I got the adapter and and hard drive total cost $20. I’ve been trying to get it work, with ubuntu, winxp, windows vista and windows 7, but no luck, sometime success install but freezed, sometime it won’t boot at all or stuck somewhere during installation. I thought the video card is the problem or motherboard, but I tried one last time with a different older operating system windows 98se, and this time I got different error message, it said something about the RAM memory, so I took one stick of RAM out and install win98se look like it work, and so I installed windows 7 and it work also, whoo hooo!!!!!!!! the art of trial and error 🙂



  1. Thong Tran wrote
    at 2:36 am - 2nd April 2012 Permalink

    By the way, after installing the operating system, put back the bad RAM in and it work great! not sure what happen, but it’s working fine now 🙂

  2. Thong Tran wrote
    at 2:31 am - 4th April 2012 Permalink

    Well it turn out to be bad RAM. I have a stick of 1GB and 512meg. Installing and using 512MEG works fine, when I stick in the 1GB it failed or screen freeze.

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