Be careful with Xigmatek rebate

*** update 9/28/2012 : Finally got paid today, over 9 months later LOL, hey! at least they pay 🙂 OK xigmatek, I leave you alone now

Be careful when buying rebate from this company Xigmatek. I sent in a rebate for  $20 rebate GAIA SD1283 35-233-082 on 12/1/2011 and I send them an email on 2/1/2012 which is two months later, and they said to check back with them in 4-8 weeks. Well today is 2/28/2012 and I sent them a new email on 2/26/2012 and they did not even respond, I understand they may have backlog, but taken more than 48hrs to respond to email? not good business practice. So people, please be careful with company like this one, they either ignore you and you will probably never get your rebate due to whatever reason they will say to you, such as lost mail they never receive it, so ensure you have copies. I really hate companies that offer rebate on items that they sell at retail value which is super high price and then you have to mail in rebate proof of purchase and wait 6-10weeks sometime to even check for rebate status, and they said they never receive it, sometime you forget about it and never check rebate status and company rebate never contact you, they simply pocket your money, totally bad business, stay away from them. If you do rebate, here are a few tips: 1)copies of mailed items, 2)schedule follow up date ensure they receive (use delivery confirmation or certified mail if needed for high rebate $ item), 3) do follow after 6weeks ensure indeed processed and after 10weeks you still did not receive rebate, definitely contact and provide proof copies.


  1. admin wrote
    at 2:16 am - 7th March 2012 Permalink

    This company xigmatek really something, they have not responded any my email. I wonder if I should call them, are they filing bankruptcy or ignore rebates?

  2. Thong Tran wrote
    at 1:11 pm - 10th March 2012 Permalink

    Well I just found out that many people had same problem as me. Xigmatek does not respond to rebate email, some call it a scam fraud just to get you to buy their products, some people file a complaint with their district attorney office, I’m not sure if that’s worth it. This company also will try to find a way not send you you your rebate such as minor mistake issue on the rebate.

  3. Thong Tran wrote
    at 1:46 am - 16th March 2012 Permalink

    18 weeks people 🙂 lol for this rebate from this xigmatek company, if they ever going to send you the check. That’s 4 months.

  4. Thong Tran wrote
    at 1:46 am - 16th March 2012 Permalink

    Here too

  5. Thong Tran wrote
    at 8:23 pm - 20th March 2012 Permalink

    Just check my visitors log ip and ip location name and companies, I saw an IP from Xigmatek NY, hmm so they have time to check their reputation on the internet in regards to rebate, but don’t have time to process rebates or respond to rebates inquiries?

  6. Thong Tran wrote
    at 1:27 pm - 23rd March 2012 Permalink

    Unbelievable! still no respond from Xigmatek rebate, what is going on?

  7. Thong Tran wrote
    at 1:27 am - 8th May 2012 Permalink

    Unbelievable, I left two voice messages since then to now, and an email follow up. Furthermore I sent a certified mail signature that they received my letter, but guess what? no respond. They don’t care. Stay away from this company, if you search for this company rebate, you will see 99% of them encounter same problem. This company takes your money and hide, until you sue them, even if you sue them they will find reasons not to give you your rebate, they can come up with any reasons. Stay away from xigmatek products they’re scammer fraud company. I’m filing a letter to Better Business Bureau next, follow that to district attorney, need to shut this kind of business down, who knows how many customers they fraud them like this.

  8. Thong Tran wrote
    at 4:15 pm - 17th June 2012 Permalink

    This company Xigmatek really scam fraud people on their rebate products, they don’t care if try to contact them by phone or email , hmm I wonder if anyone come to them in person. But once again I have no luck getting a hold of them, watch out for these Asian companies people especially this Xigmatek crappy company will never give you rebate just tricking you to buy the products and they will find ways to not giving you the rebate. You’ll be ending up paying more fees such as certified mail, signature mail, on hold call with them, wasting your time after numerous email and they will simply ignore you or respond with rude respond such as it’s not been 7 weeks wait more time. Bullshit company Xigmatek scamming hard working people’s money on their products and services.

  9. Thong Tran wrote
    at 5:35 pm - 28th September 2012 Permalink

    Finally got paid today, over 9 months later LOL, hey! at least they pay 🙂 OK xigmatek, I leave you alone now

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