Got a call from this number 609-373-1079

I’ve been getting a call from this number at various time of day. 609-373-1079, did research on it, it appear to be It has mix information about this #, so be careful, I don’t normally anwser call from phone# I do not know or not on my phone list. Now a day I rely mostly on the internet instant messaging or email, phone call is alternative 🙂 now, the reason is let say you’re working on something important and need answer a call that’s not urgent and that just distract you from completing your priority project when they could have just send a text or email or something similar.

Just sold two more software from ebay part of an experiment gearing toward a new position internet entrepreneur

Just sold two more software from ebay part of an experiment gearing toward a new position internet entrepreneur. I’m doing an experiment by buying $0 after rebate items such as software that are useful and big seller high demand, including video cards and other items. My goal is to have a process where 1st step get the product after rebate $0, 2nd step submit the product for rebate, 3rd step sell it on ebay or craigslist or where-ever, 4th step track rebate ensure to get the cash 🙂 Loose nothing but valuable 🙂 ehheheheh. Just a hint, if do massive rebate, need to photo copy everything to keep record and follow up, recommend using a software such as Rebate!Rebate! it’s simple to use.

Love techno rave music well certain one not all

I love listening to techno rave music that have high bass melody but hate certain vocal especially the profanity one that’s cussing 🙂 ehehheh. TechnoForever is one of my favorite online radio I listen to daily when I’m working, or whatever that I’m doing, it help me move!! yeah!!! baby!!! love it. I have my own radio station it’s 24hours with 6 different stations also have a techno rave vietnamese station but it’s all in Vietnamese 🙂 songs. Study and researchers shown that when a person listen to loud music and able to accomplish task are people that very easy to work with and get along with, they’re not picky, I guess that’s good! hohohohoh. What I really want to do is also to make my own music, I have the tools but don’t have the time, I do have time, but it’s been allocated to more important things 🙂 when kids grown up, I want my own warehouse or a large space to experiment, the things that I’ve putting in the back burner 🙂

Rainy Friday but temperature not that cold here in the East Coast

Just took daughter to school and prepared vegetarian meals for today, yes it’s Friday Vegetarian day again for the next 6 weeks everyday. The weather is rainy winter mix today but not too cold, it’s at 50 degree but windy so add to the windchill it’s about 40s or high 30s 🙂 a bit cold but not too cold. Feel like spring time cause the grass start to grow green, that reminds me to start bringing out the lawn mower and ensure that it work and put a way the darn snow blower which I exchanged with a riding lawn mower, since it didn’t snow much or not at all, didn’t use that machine much, will have to clear out the gas and stuff for winter storage.

This is come cool quote and it make a lot of sense on how life is or in reality should be

This is your life. Do what you love, and do it often. If you don’t like something, change it. If you don’t like your job, quit. If you don’t have enough time, stop watching TV. If you are looking for the love of your life, stop; they will be waiting for you when you start doing things you love. Stop over-analyzing; life is simple. All emotions are beautiful. When you eat, appreciate every last bite. Travel often; getting lost will help you find yourself. Some opportunities only come once: seize them. Open your mind, arms, and heart to new things and people. We are united in our differences. Ask the next person you see what their passion is, and share your inspiring passion with them. Life is about the people you meet, and the things you create with them, so go out and start creating. Life is short. Live your dream, and share your passion.

What or who the hec is EOC CCA debt collector?

What or who the hec is EOC CCA debt collector? – I received a letter yesterday saying that I owed $75 for AT&T mobility, I checked with AT&T and they said I owed nothing all clear. So why am I receiving this letter? I did some google search and there has been a lot of complaint about this company, such as they’re sending old debts or debts that has been cleared or fake debt that people don’t even know exist, somehow they got it. One forum also indicated that the debt might have been cleared already but sold to another debt collector, such as debt collector A sold thousand of debts to collector B, collector B tried to collect but couldn’t for various reason and one of the reason was because it’s already been cleared so they compile a new list and sell it to collector C and it keeping going around in circle forever, I hope someone can put a stop on this, it probably will take hard work someone whom specialized in this area. Not me 🙂 So as a result what I did was pull out by last statement balance, made a photo copy and respond to the letter in certified mail indicating it’s the first time you received such notice, and you have called the company to clear and provide phone # and reference #.

watch out for eos cca debt collectors be wary
watch out for eos cca debt collectors be wary

Then last thing you need to do is get a free credit report, you can get one once a year, best to request during middle of the year like now in June or July, and ensure no collectors on your credit report, if there are then dispute it, don’t worry it will clear if you have paper work or being honest then you have nothing to worry about except spending time on it, but it’s worth it. Now if you’re cheating or honestly forgot that it’s legit collection then it’s a different story, yes you must pay the whole amount plus interest for them to remove, it’s a nasty world out there so be vigilent be wary be smart 🙂 and good luck! to me.

Another nice weather day here in the East Coast

Awesome weather look like it, woke up early in the morning to exercise prepare foods getting the kids ready for school and wife to work are m daily task, I’m like a housewife 🙂 hehehe I wonder if the terminology exist for a husband working from home exist? well probably but I don’t know what it is. We do share responsibilities, she work and school, finishing up her degree and also working, right now she’s probably making more money than I do, and once she’s out of school I can see that she will be making more money than I do 🙂 but in this day and age, it’s hard to say, hard to predict the future, never know will encounter obstacles, I’ve seen a very hard working person fail, and a lazy person succeed just by luck, it’s hard to say. However in reality the majority of people whom have a degree or work hard most of the time they will succeed, meaning – nice house, wife, kids, steady income, happiness … anyhow back to the weather, this year 2011-2012 winter kind of strange, I think we got about an inch of snow lol, and spring are coming in a few weeks, and the weather been pretty cool, at night probably 30a to 40s day time 50s to 50s, spring will be awesome such as cutting the grass, plant vegetables garden, bug spray around the house … woo hooo!!!!!

Vegetarian for 6 weeks catholic people?

Well my wife told me we need to eat vegetarian for 6 weeks, well 6 weeks every friday not, everyday ahahahha. So still good, I’m not eating meat today, but accidentally ate a piece of pizza meat ball from my daughter Nyla, she feed me and I didn’t pay attention and when I realize it’s meat, I had already swallowed it 🙂 oh well, I didn’t mean to, so I think it’s forgiveness. So look like every Friday for six weeks starting this week, I need to eat vegeterian, probably need to buy a lot of Tofu this week after the circus show this Sat. for the kids. Today I ate shrimp noodles, boiled egg, rice and fried eggs, I’ve seen vegetarian people look healthy and young, but I don’t think they’re strong though not as muscular, I’m not sure, doesn’t look like it, what about those Shaolin monk kung fu, I thought they’re vegetarian, they look pretty strong to me 🙂 hehehehh maybe just for show. Anyhow, give back to the god when you can.

Avoid multi-task when possible people

That’s right avoid multi-task when possible. However there are people that can multi-task mostly woman with children :), well for me multi-task is something I will never master. If I recall back correctly, multi-task can kills your brain cells. Multi task to me is something I would like to master and would love to be able to do on a daily basis, but I tried and tried and even use technology to help, but doesn’t seems to work well for me 🙂 something wrong  or something will go wrong, so I tried to stay away from multi-tasking 🙂 hehehe. I have two trouble maker daughters and keeping up with them is difficult enough, then I have to work and do some house chord and have side business to do, but I always tried to stay away from multi task by prioritize things I need to do and don’t let other task interfere with current task until it’s done. It work for me, so for people who can multi task, you’re good, you’re king! 🙂 and I’m not 🙂

Database maintenance for wordpress to run optimized

With phpmyadmin it is actually pretty simple:

FIRST: make a backup of your database.

The go into phpmyadmin, select your wordpress database, and click the sql tab, and enter the following query:

SELECT *FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_approved =”0″

that should select all 282125 records. If you get that number, then do the following query:

delete from wp_comments WHERE comment_approved =”0″

That should delete all pending comments. Continue reading “Database maintenance for wordpress to run optimized”