LulzSec betrayed Anonymous hackers caught snitch working with FBI

leader of LulzSec betrayed Anonymous to help the FBI
leader of LulzSec betrayed Anonymous to help the FBI

Latest news on the group of hackers very famous today Anonymous Lulzsec many members got arrested and the information provided by the FBI were those of the hackers themselves working or snitching the information to the FBI. My personal opinion on this is, this could be a conspiracy the FBI have to break apart the hackers group, the group might felt betrayed after hearing this news that among them there’s a person or could be more than one person betrayed them and feed the information to the FBI for their arrest. So it’s pretty hard to say, the FBI can use all kind tactics to captures these group of hackers. even lying about information just to get the hackers goes against each other. It’s a cruel world. Now this is just my personal opinion, I’m not a hacker or a an FBI agent, I’m just person with opinion to himself. Hacking can be use to good, and also be use for bad. The FBI is just doing their job, and I’m sure there good hacker and bad hacker, and off course good FBI agent and bad FBI agent. Who do you trust? even the Lulzsec and Anonymouse hackers probably asking themself this question as well. Sometime it’s best to work alone, but working alone we can’t accomplish much, if we can work together as a team and totally honest to each other, no snitch, it will be so successful.

Hackers hacking facebook gmail yahoo mail myspace youtube beware be wary protect yourself

hackers hacking facebook gmail yahoo mail youtube social media bank account
hackers hacking facebook gmail yahoo mail youtube social media bank account

Hello people, one of my online friend said his facebook account got hacked, luckily he got back. Be careful people, be wary, if you have online free email account such as gmail google, yahoo mail, facebook social media account that you use daily, please be careful, be wary, keep eye open, don’t click on links from email or websites links to your account. As safety security always type in the website name instead, I don’t even trust bookmark. There are many ways hackers can get your account if they have the will to do so, for whatever reason, such as hatred, curious, or just plain trouble maker … they can do. The most commons ways are through email, they send a fake email notification either from yahoo mail youtube facebook … and it look legitimate exactly like the notification sent from your service website, and if you click on it, chance are it will trick you to enter your login name and password, and voila, they now have access to your account, most social network harden their security by only allow known IP address to access, but that doesn’t stop hacker, it will simply slow them down a little bit, but they will get through, if lucky a hackers just looking for easy account, then they will ignore the one that’s hard to get in, but still possible. Other methods are through brute force, which they have tools that will keep on trying random typical passwords. More complicate method such as hacking directly to the server or exploit its weakness to access users information, encryption does help and hard for hackers to decrypt but eventually they will find a way. So be careful, be wary, keep eye open, practice not to click on email link, VISIT THE SITE BY TYPING IN the browser. Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

YouTube Service sent you a message: Your video has been approved SCAM FRAUD SPAM BEWARE

Whether you have a youtube account or not, you might have seen this similar email below. Do not click on the link or anywhere on the email link, you can highlight or move your mouse cursor over the the link, and you will see that it’s not and not from youtube. It’s a scam fraud hacking spam BEWARE!!! DO NOT CLICK. If you have a account, then manually type in the and check your account from there.


do not click on youtube email link
do not click on youtube email link

YouTube Service has sent you a message:
Your video has been approved
You can reply to this message by visiting your inbox.

From around the world 25 suspected Anonymous hackers arrested

Before I doze off, I was page and saw this news. Well I’m not surprise that Interpol was able to track them down, do I believe it? yes. Some people can say it’s a conspiracy or so call trap that set up the real hackers of Anonymous to show there faces or launching stronger attack. People arrested are age range from 14 to 40s and from Spain and South America. Some hackers are good, some hackers are bad, some are just plain script kiddie or instigators.

Interpol arrested 25 anonymous hackers
Interpol arrested 25 anonymous hackers

Received email Subject: Google, Facebook Accounts Hacked careful don’t click

If you received an email that have subject and contents similar to below: “Subject: Google, Facebook Accounts Hacked” be careful don’t click. Don’t click on any of the links embed in the email, just ignore totally, if you read it might tempt you to click and tempting is bad ๐Ÿ™‚ Well anyways the email has legit information in term of the contents but the link embed on the email isn’t, it serve a purpose of getting you to click on it whether it’s to a website that has tons of advertisements, bad advertisements that has viruses malwares, hacking site, tricking you to click to change your facebook google email yahoo password. Again the content can be real but the links are bad, DON’T CLICK. In general, don’t click on any email link until you know where it direct you to by simply highlight the link (move your mouse over to the link) and on the bottom left or so, it should tell you the exact link when you click, so if it’s ect… the website that you know for sure, then ok to click, but better yet don’t click, just type in the site manually, I don’t even trust bookmark because there are virus malware that will change your bookmark :). To protect your computer yourself, install antivirus and ensure it’s updated frequently, spent some money to buy the original version, don’t download fake or hacked or nulled version, sometime it’s a virus itself instead of an antivirus ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck. Happy Monday! Continue reading “Received email Subject: Google, Facebook Accounts Hacked careful don’t click”

Got a call from this number 609-373-1079

I’ve been getting a call from this number at various time of day. 609-373-1079, did research on it, it appear to beยย It has mix information about this #, so be careful, I don’t normally anwser call from phone# I do not know or not on my phone list. Now a day I rely mostly on the internet instant messaging or email, phone call is alternative ๐Ÿ™‚ now, the reason is let say you’re working on something important and need answer a call that’s not urgent and that just distract you from completing your priority project when they could have just send a text or email or something similar.

Love techno rave music well certain one not all

I love listening to techno rave music that have high bass melody but hate certain vocal especially the profanity one that’s cussing ๐Ÿ™‚ ehehheh. TechnoForever is one of my favorite online radio I listen to daily when I’m working, or whatever that I’m doing, it help me move!! yeah!!! baby!!! love it. I have my own radio station it’s 24hours with 6 different stations also have a techno rave vietnamese station but it’s all in Vietnamese ๐Ÿ™‚ songs. Study and researchers shown that when a person listen to loud music and able to accomplish task are people that very easy to work with and get along with, they’re not picky, I guess that’s good! hohohohoh. What I really want to do is also to make my own music, I have the tools but don’t have the time, I do have time, but it’s been allocated to more important things ๐Ÿ™‚ when kids grown up, I want my own warehouse or a large space to experiment, the things that I’ve putting in the back burner ๐Ÿ™‚

Got some traffic visitors from around the world

I installed a plugins that would track users or visitors to this site couple days ago, and it’s pretty cool, it tells me where users coming from, I like the map style, it shows a dot and basically functionality is all I need, but in the back end with admin access, I can view their IP and which site or link they visit, for instant right now if you’re reading this post, it record that you visit this link and reading my post, just basic historical visit, nothing to be alarm with :), however there are chances that you’re using a proxy which my plugins will be able to tell your exactly location, you could by proxying from China but your exact location is USA, so it’s base on the IP yur computer map to, and some users might be using anonymous browsing so that’s like proxy, so cannot detect your real ip. Proxy is also a way for people who’s in countries that blocked facebook or other social media site to connect override the firewall, so they can access those sites.

HD Tune Pro – hard drive testing utilities

I think this software “HD Tune Pro” hard drive testing utilities is a must for all computer geeks or IT people whom work on computer hard drive laptop desktop PC … it’s an awesome software to use to check computer hard drive health, it does a variety of test to determine the hard drive health, will it predict on when your hard drive will died? well find out for yourself ย :), it would be nice to have a notification from your harddrive saying that I’m dying, you have 1 day to back up my files :), this is natural harddrive dying, not cause by carelessness such as dropping the hard drive or laptop desktop computer on purpose ๐Ÿ™‚ย