Parents just stopped by for visit they’re doing well

My parents just stopped by, glad they’re doing well. Working hard as usual. I told mom winter almost over, we can start planting seeds for vegetable garden. Where they live water is 100% free, they can use all the water they need, not abusing it that is 🙂 I like that, if I can have all the water at my disposal at my home, I will have a big garden, grow all kinds of vegetables and eat it, if I have extra I will save it in the freezer by simply lightly boil it, then freeze it for use in winter, then if I still have extra, I will give it to family, then friends, then donate it to the needed, then off course I could sell it in local farm market for cheap :), then take money to buy bonds or long term investments for my kids and grand kids, ensure my vegetables are clean off course 🙂 heheheheh.


Love techno rave music well certain one not all

I love listening to techno rave music that have high bass melody but hate certain vocal especially the profanity one that’s cussing 🙂 ehehheh. TechnoForever is one of my favorite online radio I listen to daily when I’m working, or whatever that I’m doing, it help me move!! yeah!!! baby!!! love it. I have my own radio station it’s 24hours with 6 different stations also have a techno rave vietnamese station but it’s all in Vietnamese 🙂 songs. Study and researchers shown that when a person listen to loud music and able to accomplish task are people that very easy to work with and get along with, they’re not picky, I guess that’s good! hohohohoh. What I really want to do is also to make my own music, I have the tools but don’t have the time, I do have time, but it’s been allocated to more important things 🙂 when kids grown up, I want my own warehouse or a large space to experiment, the things that I’ve putting in the back burner 🙂

Vegetarian for 6 weeks catholic people?

Well my wife told me we need to eat vegetarian for 6 weeks, well 6 weeks every friday not, everyday ahahahha. So still good, I’m not eating meat today, but accidentally ate a piece of pizza meat ball from my daughter Nyla, she feed me and I didn’t pay attention and when I realize it’s meat, I had already swallowed it 🙂 oh well, I didn’t mean to, so I think it’s forgiveness. So look like every Friday for six weeks starting this week, I need to eat vegeterian, probably need to buy a lot of Tofu this week after the circus show this Sat. for the kids. Today I ate shrimp noodles, boiled egg, rice and fried eggs, I’ve seen vegetarian people look healthy and young, but I don’t think they’re strong though not as muscular, I’m not sure, doesn’t look like it, what about those Shaolin monk kung fu, I thought they’re vegetarian, they look pretty strong to me 🙂 hehehehh maybe just for show. Anyhow, give back to the god when you can.

Just connect back with long time online friend from Ohio AnhDo

Surprised earlier today received an email from an old friend back from old days online friends. He’s older but a very nice person to hang around, I did visit him at least couple one time while on business trip in Kentucky, I drove to PA to visit my g/f back then and stopped by his house, his cook good banh canh. Well his email was in regard to the latest vietnam human right expand trade something that required 60,000 signatures which it did read its goals a couple weeks ago and waiting for Obama administrator to review, there is no guranteed that Obama will take action, but it’s a good start and vietnamese communitites are united to take action. It was nice chit chat a little bit with him again, I’m cure sure everyone is busy, however it’s nice to say hi once in a while, in this case it’s almost like 4 years 🙂 heheheh

Dau Hu Nhoi Thit

Mom also gave some dau hu nhoi thit, it’s good, tofu stuffed with meats and tomato sauce, wife like it 🙂 awesome dinner with previous post snack 🙂

dau hu nhoi thit - tofu stuff with meats
dau hu nhoi thit - tofu stuff with meats

Banh Tam and Bap Nhao (Vietnamese sticky corn)

banh tam from Thong's mom
banh tam from Thong's mom

I just stopped by mom’s house and to pick up some appetite foods 🙂 this one on top colorful one are bánh tầm, so call. I remember having this in Vietnam school when I was in elementary there, well if we have money, we would be having a few of this colorful sweet coconut tasty snack. It’s good, I missed my elementary year in Vietnam, quê cù lào Tỉnh Tiền Giang Huyện gò công tây Continue reading “Banh Tam and Bap Nhao (Vietnamese sticky corn)”

A friend from CA San Jose name Din** went back to Vietnam probably meeting a girl

I have a friend long time ago and we’re still in contact, we met at AMAT. He had dating different girls here in the USA different states. None of them seems to work for him, not sure why, let say he’s at the age where he need to married soon, he’s much older than I am, pretty well educated and own a business, let say it’s a seasonal business. He had family problems as well with his siblings sometime asking me for advice and stuff. I’m not a pro at it but I offer some personal advice don’t know if it help. Anyhow he went back to Vietnam 3 days ago, meeting a girl there and hope that it work out then marriage.


Met old Vietnamese school friends from 1st to 3rd grade or higher

I was excited when Katie-Thao asked me about if I’m from Cu Lao Tan Thoi – Truong Tieu Hoc Tan Thoi, she said she know me because we’re in the same class. I haven’t update my facebook for a long time, long story short, I don’t like the fact that facebook focus more it’s income to make money using people’s post to pull in traffic and make money, so therefore I left facebook and probably would never come back unless someone question post link to my name then I would anwser in there, I was planning to activate a plug in to do automatic post when I post here, it would auto post to facebook. Anyways back to Katie Thao, yes she is indeed someone I should know back in the old Vietnamese country side elementary school years, since she point out all the people including teachers and locations I would be during the time.

It was a very exciting memorable time back then, I believe she’s the only person I know from school back then, we started chatting and share those moments back then, including the time she fled Vietnam in 86 and 87 she also remember me being Malaysia small island of Pulao BiDong, Sungei Besi and the Philippines.

First snow fall today step dad encounter

The first snow fall today, I believe winter been started already, but today officially the first day of snow fall for winter, hopefully it’s not big. My step dad (Tony) encountered his first snow fall while working as a delivery man for a warehouse company far away from where he live. Him and the rest of mom’s family never really encounter snow before, especially for him it impact his job. He mentioned seeing the snow then later one the road was icy, and he couldn’t control his van and had to abandoned his day of delivery. He called me to ask for searching for a good snow tire, I did some research online and found some legitimate website that done some consumer research on snow tire, provided him the link and where to get the tire. I can tell he was a little bit frighten on his first encounter with the snow, his delivery van tire probably got worn out and have no grip which making worst driving on icy snowy surface of the road, the van tire kept on slipping even at slow speed, so he called his boss and took a day off.

snow pa dec 16th 2010
snow pa dec 16th 2010