Good news my contract got extended until May awesome

Yes! my contract got extended toward May, that’s very good news to me.Being a contractor consultant, month to month basis sometime can be scary ๐Ÿ™‚ Although I have many back up plan in place, but plan that has not been thoroughly tested, although it seems likely that it work, but hard to say :), worst case scenarios plan that is. Need to keep on paying for kids savings education, a dollar does matter and as time goes by it grows ๐Ÿ™‚

Rain today according to the forecast here in the East Coast of USA

This year sure have some strange weather, winter doesn’t seems like winter, we’re missing all the snows, where are all the snows? well as I recall this winter we only got like a couple inches that’s about it, although the weather temperature was and very cold. However it’s almost spring, today I believe is the last day of February, tomorrow will be March and Spring start in March 2012. Get ready to cut the grass plant some flowers garden ๐Ÿ™‚

From around the world 25 suspected Anonymous hackers arrested

Before I doze off, I was page and saw this news. Well I’m not surprise that Interpol was able to track them down, do I believe it? yes. Some people can say it’s a conspiracy or so call trap that set up the real hackers of Anonymous to show there faces or launching stronger attack. People arrested are age range from 14 to 40s and from Spain and South America. Some hackers are good, some hackers are bad, some are just plain script kiddie or instigators.

Interpol arrested 25 anonymous hackers
Interpol arrested 25 anonymous hackers

Be careful with Xigmatek rebate

*** update 9/28/2012 :ย Finally got paid today, over 9 months later LOL, hey! at least they pay ๐Ÿ™‚ OK xigmatek, I leave you alone now

Be careful when buying rebate from this company Xigmatek. I sent in a rebate for ย $20 rebate GAIA SD1283 35-233-082 on 12/1/2011 and I send them an email on 2/1/2012 which is two months later, and they said to check back with them in 4-8 weeks. Well today is 2/28/2012 and I sent them a new email on 2/26/2012 and they did not even respond, I understand they may have backlog, but taken more than 48hrs to respond to email? not good business practice. So people, please be careful with company like this one, they either ignore you and you will probably never get your rebate due to whatever reason they will say to you, such as lost mail they never receive it, so ensure you have copies. I really hate companies that offer rebate on items that they sell at retail value which is super high price and then you have to mail in rebate proof of purchase and wait 6-10weeks sometime to even check for rebate status, and they said they never receive it, sometime you forget about it and never check rebate status and company rebate never contact you, they simply pocket your money, totally bad business, stay away from them. If you do rebate, here are a few tips: 1)copies of mailed items, 2)schedule follow up date ensure they receive (use delivery confirmation or certified mail if needed for high rebate $ item), 3) do follow after 6weeks ensure indeed processed and after 10weeks you still did not receive rebate, definitely contact and provide proof copies.

New Vietnamese Audio books – Truyen Audio

I just posted a few VIetnamese audio books, simply download and listen to great Vietnamese audio books, in Vietnamese, Truyen Audio. Why read? when you can listen to someone else read it to you, don’t get me wrong, I highly recommend reading when possible, but for people like me, want to finished the story fast, I rather someone read it to me when I ly down and rest ๐Ÿ™‚ like children bedtime story. Audio books are great, you can take it anywhere and listen to it anywhere. Here’s the website:ย

My 3years old said “oh shoot” lol

This morning, my daughter 3years old was sitting with me, I said “oh shoot” then she copied me and said “oh shoot” lol, luckily I didn’t say the eff word, I think the thing about kids are they copied you almost everything you did, they will copied it at one time or another and if you done it too often it will embed in their brain and will keep on repeating it. So be careful what you’re doing in front of kids, including talking and act.

mcafee chat customer service is awesome

I think Mcafee Rebates customer support Chat is awesome. I purchased a $60 anti virus software from mcafee, after rebate $0. I sent in the rebate and it’s been 4 weeks but no status, so I contacted mcafee rebates and chat with one of the customer service person, they helped me from start to finished, at first I thought these rebate places just gonna take your money and run away and try to find all kind of reasons not to give you rebates or point fingers at you, your fault for not getting it in ontime, not enough documents and stuff, but, it wasn’t like that, although the chat take long time but I”m happy, tha’ts $60 rebate a lot of money ๐Ÿ™‚ to me. So thumbs up to mcafee rebates support dude or dudette.

School shooting in Ohio and Nissan Juke recall thousands vehicle gas leak cause fire 2011 2012 models

Wow school shooting again. This time in Ohio, and yes at least one student is dead and shooter is in custody. What sup with these high school? I thought the high school that I went to was bad, but the school that had these shootings appears to be good school, the school that I went to, gangster everywhere, their initial on the bathroom wall where-ever they can graffiti, under chair table, door, window, sidewalk, anywhere, XIV gang, Asian Kick Ass gang, all those gang bang symbol everywhere, students smoking marijuanna, fight all the time among Asian Latino Black, but I don’t see it on the news ever have shooting in class room, the shooting might happen outside of the school premisises.ย–abc-news.html

NIssan recall 2011 2012 Nissan Juke, possible gas leaks can cause fire. ย

Received email Subject: Google, Facebook Accounts Hacked careful don’t click

If you received an email that have subject and contents similar to below: “Subject: Google, Facebook Accounts Hacked” be careful don’t click. Don’t click on any of the links embed in the email, just ignore totally, if you read it might tempt you to click and tempting is bad ๐Ÿ™‚ Well anyways the email has legit information in term of the contents but the link embed on the email isn’t, it serve a purpose of getting you to click on it whether it’s to a website that has tons of advertisements, bad advertisements that has viruses malwares, hacking site, tricking you to click to change your facebook google email yahoo password. Again the content can be real but the links are bad, DON’T CLICK. In general, don’t click on any email link until you know where it direct you to by simply highlight the link (move your mouse over to the link) and on the bottom left or so, it should tell you the exact link when you click, so if it’s ect… the website that you know for sure, then ok to click, but better yet don’t click, just type in the site manually, I don’t even trust bookmark because there are virus malware that will change your bookmark :). To protect your computer yourself, install antivirus and ensure it’s updated frequently, spent some money to buy the original version, don’t download fake or hacked or nulled version, sometime it’s a virus itself instead of an antivirus ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck. Happy Monday! Continue reading “Received email Subject: Google, Facebook Accounts Hacked careful don’t click”

Love this camcorder HDC-TM900K replaced it with my zi8

The zi8 had served me well, very well actually up to the day I sold it, and still had good value, sold it on ebay for $140 ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s a low prive camcorder, it’s hand held the cell phone style, very good HD quality, except for the digital zoom sucks and little anti shaking, but the pros on it are the ability to macro, I film close up without being blurry it was a big plus for me, another plus is the external mic, you can hook up an external mic on it, best of all is the picture quality, HD 720p and 1080, I normally use 720p because the SD card I got isn’t that fast in writing data. Overall zi8 is a big plus. I also got the water proof kodak camera, it also awesome, went to beach few time and film under water ๐Ÿ™‚ it work great ๐Ÿ™‚ got it real cheap from ebay. Continue reading “Love this camcorder HDC-TM900K replaced it with my zi8”