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First snow fall today step dad encounter

The first snow fall today, I believe winter been started already, but today officially the first day of snow fall for winter, hopefully it’s not big. My step dad (Tony) encountered his first snow fall while working as a delivery man for a warehouse company far away from where he live. Him and the rest of mom’s family never really encounter snow before, especially for him it impact his job. He mentioned seeing the snow then later one the road was icy, and he couldn’t control his van and had to abandoned his day of delivery. He called me to ask for searching for a good snow tire, I did some research online and found some legitimate website that done some consumer research on snow tire, provided him the link and where to get the tire. I can tell he was a little bit frighten on his first encounter with the snow, his delivery van tire probably got worn out and have no grip which making worst driving on icy snowy surface of the road, the van tire kept on slipping even at slow speed, so he called his boss and took a day off.

snow pa dec 16th 2010

snow pa dec 16th 2010

Ba ngoai passed away today couple hours ago

My grandma (my mom’s mom) just passed away a couple hours ago, Vietnam time Tuesday, December 14, 2010 at 08:21:42 PM ICT. I received a call from my cousin (gi 10’s son) Just notified my wife, and my sister. I don’t have plan of going back for a funeral, although I have mentioned to go back multiple times to attend the funeral. It’s sad, very sad. Continue Reading »